Act Now To Urge Your Legislators To Co-Sponsor  The high rate of people with serious mental illness, including Veterans, who are in jails and prisons.  It is one of the profound tragedies in 21st Century America.  An increasing number of people with mental illnesses are coming into contact with the criminal justice system—with law enforcement, courts, jails and prisons, and probation and parole agencies—at a tremendous cost to taxpayers and public safety, as well as to these individuals and their families. According to a U.S. Department of Justice report, approximately 45 percent of people in federal prisons, 56 percent of people in state prisons, and 64 percent of people in local jails displayed symptoms of a mental health condition.


In 1963, President Kennedy authorized $3 billion to create the first national network of mental health facilities. (it was his last public bill-signing).  But after Kennedy's assassination, the country turned its focus to Vietnam. 


President John F. Kennedy sent a special message to Congress in 1963, calling to replace institutions with comprehensive community programs to provide:

  • Outpatient care,
  • Day treatment,
  • Rehabilitation,
  • Foster-home services and public education on mental health.
  • Funding would flow to communities—to hospitals or nonprofit community agencies—and not to the states, which would remain responsible for long-term institutional services.

In 2003 President George W. Bush created the New Freedom Commission on Mental Health to study the problems and gaps in the mental health system, and they found that the system is not oriented toward the goal of recovery for the people it serves.  Individuals needing services often do not have access in their communities to state-of-the-art treatments and supports that have been proven effective.  


In 2015 President Barack Obama Elevated The Conversation About Mental Health to the National Stage.  During his time in office, President Obama urged Americans to "bring mental illness out of the shadows."   In December, 2016 before he left office President Barack Obama signed the Mental Health Bill into Law! Now we pray that the next President will pick up where President Kennedy, President George W. Bush, and President Barack Obama left off.....


We can no longer turn our backs on the mentally ill.  They are crying out for our help.....I am listening.....IT'S PERSONAL!


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Reported by Samantha Melamed:

(Philadelphia Inquirer) 


"Deal aims to end solitary confinement for seriously mentally ill prisoners in Pa."


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PLEASE NOTE:  Before my son was arrested on September 2, 2011, he voluntarily commited himself on August 22, 2011 to Belmont Center for Comprehensive Treatment, and on August 24th, they called me to tell me they were going to send him to jail if I didn't come get him.  I rushed to pick him up on Aug 24th...and later found out they gave him Haldol.  After taking Haldol he began to demonstrate defensive, impulsive, assaultive behavior.  I brought him to several different places that would not admit him because he has a medical condition  (a colostomy), so finally on Aug 27th he voluntarily commited himself to Jefferson hospital, and they did the same thing Belmont did, kept him for 2 days and released him to me on Aug 29th.  Four dayslater, on September 2, 2011 he was he's a criminal!  ALL THIS COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED!


Nobody should be punished for behavior that arose out of a common treatable mental health condition.  It is not a crime to have a mental illness so why are the mentally ill criminalized?


Haldol is the brand name for Haloperidol, it is an antipsychotic medicine.   It works by changing the actions of chemicals in your brain. haldol is good for treating agitation, aggressive outbursts and mania, but can also have some adverse effects, such as defensive impulsive assaultive behavior.

I need to find out why my son at times becomes defensive towards the people who are treating him.  He needs therapy to get to the root of it. He was never violent as a child, nor as a teenager.  He was always kind and gentle towards the elderly, children and animals.  Something happened to traumatize him.  I am trusting God to allow those that are treating him at Torrence State Hospital to find out why, and then treat him until he becomes normal again.

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